Thursday, September 6, 2018

How to Set Up Camp in Record Time

A dad coming back to his campsite for sunscreen while the rest of his family plays at the lake notices a little travel trailer pulling up into a neighboring empty site. As soon as the engine dies, the doors fly open and four children of varying ages burst out and fly into a frenzy of activity. Their parents follow quickly behind them, with the mom and dad unloading gear as the kids rake the area, set up the picnic table, and arrange the fire pit. Amazed at their efficiency, the dad with the sunscreen walks over and watches for a moment more before commenting to the other father, “I’ve never seen a family work so well together—or so fast. I’m amazed!” “Yeah,” the other dad says while finishing up the RV leveling. “We live a few hours away and our policy is that nobody gets to go to the bathroom after the drive until the camp is set up.”

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