Thursday, May 31, 2012

Can You Believe What They're Calling Us Texans?

Down here in South Texas, many have labeled our folk, "rednecks."  We talk to many RVers from nearby states who also claim the title.  Mind you, we don't take offense at the label, matter of fact, we take pride in being able to poke fun of ourselves.  Besides, it gives us something to live up to.  Hehe.

I even notice that many of my Texan friends on Pinterest have entire pin boards dedicated to "Redneck Stuff."  (Don't tell anyone but I have a file on my computer desktop with redneck jokes, stories and pictures, too.)  During my tenure in Texas, I've come to realize it's a state of heart, not mind.

So in that spirit of reckless self-abandon, I give you the following list of Redneck Medical Terms:

Redneck Medical Definitions
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